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Accent’s Spooktacular Halloween


Not sure what to  read this Halloween? anigif_enhanced-buzz-11778-1351016561-3.gif

Let Accent Press help you put a little spook into your Halloween this year with some of our chilling titles! Wander down a dark and dangerous black path, uncover ghoulish secrets and let the dead lead you into the unknown with Accent’s top spine tingling, spooky reads.

The Black Path by Paul Burston


Become entranced by Paul Burston’s deliciously creepy thriller this Halloween.

A dark tale of love and lies, obsession and betrayal, The Black Path will appeal to fans of ‘domestic noir’ and anyone who’s ever wondered about the secrets people keep. How well do you really know those closest to you?

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Falling Suns by J.A. Corrigan


Join the hunt for the truth in J.A. Corrigan’s thriller.

Ex-DI Rachel’s small son is missing. Then his body is discovered. Her cousin Michael is found guilty of his murder and incarcerated in a secure psychiatric unit. Four years later, now divorced and back in the police force, Rachel discovers that Michael is being released to a less secure step-down unit, with his freedom a likely eventuality. Unable to cope with this, she decides upon revenge, assuming a new identity to hunt him down and kill him. However, as she closes in on her target, her friend Jonathan, a journalist, uncovers some unnerving information about her mother and others in her family and begins to suspect that Rachel’s perception of the truth might not be as accurate as she thinks that she might be about to murder the wrong man…

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The Vanished by Katherine John


The breathtaking new thriller by acclaimed author Katherine John. Following a high-profile child abuse trial centred around Hill House orphanage, a set of human body parts is found displayed at the building s gates. Is the macabre display a deeply unpleasant joke, or is there an even more sinister force at work? Long abandoned, the orphanage, set on a barren hillside in a remote part of Wales, has brooded over its secrets for a century. Were the children who disappeared from Hill House adopted as the authorities claimed or victims of an unspeakable evil? Chief Inspector Trevor Joseph and his team investigate. Hounded by the headline-hungry press, and their own superiors, and with orders from on high to close the case swiftly to limit scandal, they strive to find the evidence they need to prove whether the sickening rumours are true. But can they find the courage to fight for justice when they face threats that not only jeopardise their c

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Sex, Spooks and Sauvignon by Tracy Whitwell

sex spooks and sauvignon cover FINAL .jpg

Ghostly voices put Tanz in a difficult position in this spooktacular crime novel.

Fast, funny, spooky and disturbing: meet Tanz, Geordie actress turned accidental psychic, as she tries to cope with the voices in her head, especially when they lead her to a crime and into danger…

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Shiver by Various Ghoulish Accent Authors


A selection of spooky, scintillating, and scary stories from some of Accent Press’s best-loved authors.

Featuring gruesome crime from Bill Kitson and Andrea Frazer, a frighteningly modern fairy tale from Helena Fairfax, ghostly goings-on from Christina Jones, David Rogers, Jane Risdon, Marie Laval, and Tricia Maw, a twisted take on a national pastime from Cara Cooper, and the supernatural side of reality TV from Caroline Dunford.

So this Halloween, if you’re hankering for a haunting, could murder a mystery, or are prepared to be scared – let Accent make you shiver.

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Trick or Threat by Andrea Frazer 


A Halloween short story by best-selling author Andrea Frazer.

The Rev. Goodfellow pays a visit to Lady Amanda Golightly at Belchester Towers, upset by the trick-or-treat antics of some local youths who are apparently using this innocent Hallowe’en pastime as a means of extracting money with menaces.

Incensed at this bullying of vulnerable local residents, including one of her own circle, Lady Amanda, aided by her faithful friend Hugo Cholmondley-Crichton-Crump, girds her loins and prepares to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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Murder in Steeple Martin by Lesley Cookman


Artist and ex-actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered.
The play, written by her friend Peter, is based on real events in his family, which took place in the village during the last war. As the investigation into the murder begins to uncover a tangled web of relationships in the village, it seems that the events dramatised in the play still cast a long shadow…dark enough to inspire murder.
Libby s natural nosiness soon leads her into the thick of the investigation, but is she too close to Peter’s family to be able to recognise the murderer?

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The Haunted Lady by Bill Kitson


Reporter-turned-novelist Adam Bailey and his new wife Eve are looking forward to peaceful married life, but that soon evaporates when they get involved in another mysterious investigation.

Parishioners are abandoning Reverend Phillips’ church, believing it haunted – could this be something to do with the disappearance of two valuable religious paintings?

When a local lothario – with links to both the art world and the Kershaws – is murdered, suspicion falls on Chloe’s family. It’s up to Adam and Eve to work out the truth – a task made all the more difficult when they stumble into the murky world of Cold War espionage…

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A Handful of Ash by Marsali Taylor


Liveaboard skipper and amateur sleuth Cass Lynch is busy at marine college in Scalloway, until one night she finds an acquaintance dead in a doorway, whose hand is smeared with peat ash. Rumours spread of a strange ritual linked to the witches once burned in Shetland’s ancient capital, of horned figures abroad in the night, and townsfolk behaving strangely. At first Cass dismisses these as mere superstition, until there’s a second murder, and she begins to wonder if the devil really does walk in Scalloway …

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Blood and Broomsticks by Jean Goodhind.


An old friend of Honey Driver’s is unfortunate enough to have their birthday at Hallowe’en, and can’t resist making it a fancy dress party. Honey had planned for DCI Doherty, her policeman boyfriend, to go with her; he might have done if he wasn’t more than a bit peeved that she smashed up his sports car.

Dressed appropriately, Honey attends the party at Moss End Hotel alone. The food is awful, the booze practically non-existent, and the complaints are loud and clear. The owners, Mr and Mrs Crook – amateurs who think themselves better than the professionals – are nowhere to be found and all the doors are locked. Once the revellers manage to open the doors, the Crooks are found, but are in no condition to deal with complaints. They’re dead – murdered – and Honey and Doherty team up once more to investigate.

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Sober October

Are you swapping your Friday night Pinot Grigio for a soda and lime in a bid to raise money for Macmillan in Sober October?

Or do you simply want to cut down on you alcohol intake and make some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons for ditching the Corona and taking up the trusty old Coca Cola, we have some guides that will help you on your sober adventure!

A-Z of Binning the Booze by Lucy Rocca.


After drinking wine with much gusto for twenty years, something clicked in my head in April 2011 which was to lay the foundations for an entirely new and amazing life; I sobered up permanently. Becoming alcohol free has led to me being a much better parent, having tonnes more energy (despite having since had another baby!), creating Soberistas.com and finally, after years of wishing, becoming a published author. Life just keeps on getting brighter, and it’s all down to ditching the booze.

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The Sober Revolution: Calling Time on Wine O’Clock by Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca


Do you count down the minutes to wine o’clock on a daily basis? Is a bottle of Pinot Grigio your friend at the end of a long hard day? If you want to give up being controlled and defined by alcohol then now is the time to join The Sober Revolution

Buy Here.

Your Six Week Plan by Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca


If you have decided to quit drinking, ‘Your 6 Week Plan’ is for you. A diary specifically created for those at the beginning of their sober journey, ‘Your 6 Week Plan’ provides the opportunity to write your very own personalised plan for alcohol-free living.

Buy Here.

How To Lead a Happier, Healthier, and Alcohol-Free Life by Lucy Rocca


Are you worried about how much you’re drinking? Trying to quit but worry about being seen as a killjoy or party pooper? This is the book for you, providing practical advice and strategies for quitting the booze and feeling great about it, while improving your life at the same time.

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