Love Me Tender by Nicola May

Love me tinder new release

This book is for anyone who has immersed themselves into the crazy world of app or internet dating or in fact anyone who wants an insight into what it’s all about.

Being single’s alright isn’t it? You don’t have to answer to anyone. There is no sight or sound of snoring, farting, dirty socks, wet towels and the toilet seat is forever down.

But who am I kidding? We all want to find that special someone to love, trust and basically snuggle into when the weather gets cold or the going gets tough.

So… with this quest in mind I decided to embark on a dating mission the internet way! And, oh how I found out that this dating lark in the modern age is not for the faint-hearted.

If you thought standard internet dating sites was fast, wait until you download an app. It’s like being sucked into a whirlpool or testosterone and thrown out the other side wearing one stiletto, a ripped stocking and Mona Lisa’s smile.

I have to say that after a couple of months I became exhausted by all the technology that comes along with this new dating game. I mean what happened to good old fashioned courting? Rather than having to work out which is the best mode of communication for progressing the relationship; is he a Facebook messenger type of guy or does Whatsapp float his boat? Can I not instead just pick up the remarkable object that was designed originally for vocal, yes vocal communication and talk to him?

I feel that so much gets misconstrued through messaging and I’m the sort of person who wants to know someone’s real honest feelings from the get go. Modern dating doesn’t encourage this level of intimacy. When someone likes me, I want them to call and show me that, instead of playing the texting game, which seems to have become the norm right now.

To be honest, I don’t think the majority of people give relationships a chance anymore; a slight imperfection in character or looks and you can cruelly replace someone with the touch of a button if you so wish.

However, despite all this, I am still a strong believer in true love. Elvis can serenade me with his Love Me Tender’s any day. In fact whilst listening to him, my eureka moment hit that to write a book about the trials and tribulations of using a dating app could not only be very funny, but could highlight the real life issue of finding love in the modern age.

When I thought back to my own dating experiences, I realised that the minefield of good, bad and indifferent dates I encountered was a gift for creating interesting and amusing plot fodder, and so the idea for Love Me Tinder was born.

In brief, Love me Tinder revolves around heroine, Cali Summers who decides to hit the world of fast love after her marriage breaks down.

Using room 102 in the hotel where she works as her dating ‘lair’, she opens herself up to a world of sex, lies, deception, as well as personal discovery and passionate romance.

The reader will laugh, cry, cringe, squirm and nod along with Cali’s antics as she finds out if it is risky freedom or dull security that she really craves.

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