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Love Castaway by Cara Cooper

Dr Nancy Taylor, is contented with her lone conservationist role on a desert island. When Gareth Marrs lands his plane she wants him out of there. She craves isolation from the real world where she made a mistake so awful she cannot bear to return.

Owner of a luxury cruise line, Gareth plans to profit from her precious hideaway. He is less than honest with Nancy about his reasons for being there. When the island is attacked by Somalian pirates, Gareth not only protects Nancy but begins to understand why she has shut herself away. He is deeply attracted to the beautiful enigmatic scientist, so different from the shallow conquests in his city home. When he awakens the emotions she has hidden for so long, Gareth offers a chance of happiness. But Nancy discovers his real reason for invading her hidden paradise, incensed, she orders him out of her life forever. Gareth isn’t a man so easily brushed off. Besides he knows the only future he can contemplate lies with her if only he can get her to face up to her demons.


Seventh Daughter

Seventh Daughter by Gill Sanderson

Dr Delyth Price was stunned by her reaction to her new boss, the intriguing Dr James Owen. He was everything she’d ever wanted in a man. But Delyth was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and had a gift that not everyone understood. James, at least, seemed prepared to listen, if not to believe … and he asked her out, even if he was clearly holding something back.

Then she discovered his light-hearted side, and fell even more deeply in love.

Richard Lee of the Historical No

Richard Lee of the Historical Novel Society has a spotlight on the shortlists fo…

Richard Lee of the Historical Novel Society has a spotlight on the shortlists for the 2014 RoNAs (Romantic Novel of the Year) which will be of specific interest to historical fiction readers. He also interviews Christina Courtenay, Chair of the Romantic Novelists' Association, who explains the judging process.

The Romantic Novel of the Year, 2014 | Richard Lee | Historical Novel Society
This year's shortlists for the RoNAs have been announced, two of the categories relevant to the HNS. We will be featuring each of the shortlisted…


PUBLICATION DAY! The Romantic Novelists' Association is proud to announce the…


The Romantic Novelists' Association is proud to announce the publication of its second short story anthology, published by Mills & Boon, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY.

Read 24 gorgeous stories in the paperback and 35 in the digital extended edition, all specially written by our authors – from household names to debuts.

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Truly, Madly, Deeply – Romance, fiction books and ebooks from Mills & Boon
From wedding days to special anniversaries, steamy one-night encounters to everlasting loves, Truly, Madly, Deeply takes you on an unforgettable romantic adventure where love really is all you need. This collection brings together all-new specially selected stories from star authors from the Romanti…

Great piece in The Bookseller today about the announcement of the shortlist for…

Great piece in The Bookseller today about the announcement of the shortlist for the 2014 Romantic Novel of the Year Awards: #TheRoNAs

Four for Choc Lit on RNA shortlists | The Bookseller
Book Publishing Industry News. Regular news updates from The Bookseller's news desk. The latest press reports about the publishing sector and updates from the City

grave stones

Grave Stones by Andrea Frazer

The residents of Shepford St Bernard are preparing for a party in the church hall in response to a request to boost congregation numbers, only their new vicar is a woman, and a young one, to boot, and this is not to everyone’s liking.
The morning after the party, the brooding resentment felt in the small community is made flesh, when an elderly woman is found dead outside her house, the contents of her safe having disappeared along with her attacker.
When Detective Inspector Harry Falconer, Detective Sergeant Carmichael and Detective Constable Roberts, the latter recently returned from sick leave, arrive on the scene, they learn that the safe had held a large quantity of very valuable pieces of jewellery.
As the investigation progresses, with efforts to find out who was in dire financial straits, or who might think they would benefit from the will, the violence escalates.
An attack on the police and a further murder follow, making it urgent that the offender is quickly apprehended, but a risky hostage-taking makes it look as if the detectives are too late to halt the violence and apprehend the murderer.


Marion Husband’s ‘The Boy I Love’ Trilogy gets fantastic reviews.

Marion Husband’s The Boy I Love Trilogy, called the “pinnacle of gay historical fiction” by Goodreads reviewer Erastes has recently had some great reviews from the Historical Novel Society.

Book one, The Boy I Love was reviewed by Ann Northfield who said the book “is character- and idea-driven rather than being action-packed, and the characters are particularly vivid and real. Although perhaps not the most loveable or nicest of people, they certainly remain in the mind after the book is closed as being fully fleshed and human.

Book two, All the Beauty of the Sun was reviewed by Barbara Goldie. Barbara said “The story is well researched and has lots of detail and emotion. It moves on at a cracking pace and keeps the reader’s interest so much that it could easily be read in one or two sessions.”

Book three Paper Moon was reviewed by Sally Zigmond who said “the writing is intelligent, and the emotions heartfelt”.

If you haven’t read the series yet you can buy them at the links below, and follow Marion on Twitter at: @MarionHusband.

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