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Cover Reveal: There’s A Cow in the Flat

I have waited 12 years to see this- that’s how long it has taken me to get down on paper and edit one of the stories I wrote for my children when they were tiny- and then of course, I had to find a publisher for it!

I am over the moon to be able to share the cover with you right now!!

cow in flat cover

With gorgeous illustrations by the brilliant Ryan Doherty- There’s A Cow in the Flat will be published in eFormat very soon- and will be available in paperback in the near future!

Thanks Hush Puppy Books!!




More details to follow asap.

Happy reading,

Jenny xx


Exciting Times…

Hello lovely readers- my apologies for leaving it so long since I’ve written a blog, but my goodness I’ve been busy busy busy…

Here’s a potted summery of everything that’s going on!

To my great delight, from September my very first contemporary romance, Another Cup of Coffee, will be available, not just via the Internet, but in bookshops!!! So if you fancy a read, and you can’t see it on your local bookshop shelf, don’t be afraid to ask your nearest bookseller- they’ll be able to get a copy in for you!!

E-book Cover

E-book Cover

I can’t even begin to describe how excite I am about this! It’s a dream come true, and I can’t wait to spot my first copy of Another Cup of Coffee on a bookshop shelf!!

As well as getting ready for this re-launch, I have been busily writing a brand new follow up novella to last years seasonal story, Another Cup of Christmas!! I am thrilled at how popular this series is proving to be!! The new novella (so far untitled) will be out in November in good time for Christmas.

christmas mock-up

If that wasn’t enough to keep me out of mischief, my next new full length novel, Romancing Robin Hood, is out in e-format on 5th September!! I’ve been busy making sure it’s all ready to hit the e-shelves. It is already available to pre-order, so if you want to make sure you get your copy the second it hits the Kindle/iTunes world, then you can order your copy from Amazon now!!

Romancing Robin Hood

Oh- and I’ve been working hard sorting out my very first children’s picture book as well (more on that soon!!)

Happy reading everyone.

Jenny xx






BOOK LAUNCH PRESS RELEASE for Another Cup of Coffee


Another Cup of Coffee

E-book Cover

E-book Cover

Jenny Kane

Published by Accent Press Ltd, (September 18 2014, price £7.99 (paperback ISBN 9781783751129. eBook ISBN 9781909840874


After a decade of writing successful erotica, mum-of-two Jenny Kane has turned her from kink to coffee to launch her first women’s fiction novel.

Another Cup of Coffee tells the story of a successful businesswoman Amy Crane, who is forced to face her broken-hearted past when a mysterious mixtape lands on her doormat.

Set around coffee shops, where Amy and her friends used to meet, Another Cup of Coffee is partly-inspired by Jenny’s own relationship with her local coffee shops, where she has spent many hours with her laptop writing her raunchy reads. Her first erotic stories were published in 2004 under the name Kay Jaybee earning her a reputation as the ‘Queen of Kink’ with such novels as The Perfect Submissive trilogy.


But last year Jenny felt it was time for a change of style and secured a book deal with award-winning publishers Accent Press, who were impressed with her style of writing. Another Cup of Coffee was released in eBook earlier this year and will be launched in paperback on September 18. Her second novel Romancing Robin Hood is also due out in eBook in September.


Jenny explains: ‘Another Cup of Coffee was inspired by a decision that I didn’t make when I was an archaeology student many years ago. For 13 years the plot for this story bubbled away at the back of my mind, but somehow there was never time to actually write it down.


‘I was very nervous as I wasn’t sure if I could write mainstream fiction as well as stories of spanking and domination, and knowing I’d have to build up a new readership all over again was daunting, but I’m very glad I took the gamble. I have had lots of positive feedback from readers, although it has been noted by many that one of the characters, Kit, spends all her time in a café writing erotica!’


Jenny will be returning to her favourite coffee shop Costa Coffee, Bampton Street, Tiverton, Devon to launch Another Cup of Coffee on 29th September 2014, from 10.30am to 4pm.


For review copies and interviews, please contact Alison Stokes, Media and Publicity Manager, Accent Press Ltd. Tel: 01443 800353 or email: [email protected]


About the author: Despite a background in history and archaeology, Jenny juggles her writing with her work for a Distance Learning Company. She lives with her husband and two children, but spends a large part of her time in local coffee shops. Jenny’s sequel to Another Cup of Coffee, Another Cup of Christmas, is available as an ebook, and her second full length novel, Romancing Robin Hood, will be released later this year. As Kay Jaybee, she has written over 90 stories including The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place, Xcite 2011-14.



Thumbnail for Guest Post: Caroline Burch: The Diary of a Mother, Her Son, and His Monster

Guest Post: Caroline Burch: The Diary of a Mother, Her Son, and His Monster

Today I am delighted to be able to introduce Caroline Burch, on the second day of her blog tour.

Caroline has written her first book; an incredibly moving account of her battle- and more to the point- her son’s battle- against cancer.

Over to you Caroline…

cover w logo

‘The Diary of a Mother, her Son and his Monster’

Welcome to day 2 of my blog tour!

Here is the blurb….

Caroline Burch experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when her son

Elliot was diagnosed with cancer aged just six months old. To document her

experiences she kept a diary detailing the ups and downs of her son’s

treatment and the emotional anguish of their situation from diagnosis to

Ten years later, and with Elliot happily recovered from the condition that

threatened his life, Caroline looks back at the traumatic months when there

appeared to be no end in sight to the misery.

Caroline’s story is proof that there is life after cancer and this book is a

tribute to the tireless work of the individuals who help parents and their

children emerge from their nightmare.


How does this book differ from other books?

During my son’s chemotherapy and treatment, I began to imagine the cancer as a dangerous living creature. I could visualise this sly, snarling monster, evil and pulsating within my baby. It was an awful way to think and imagine things, but it was very much how I visualised it. I gradually grew to hate this monster, this vile, breathing thing which I imagined was munching away inside Elliot, killing him slowly.

During the treatment and hospital admissions, I talked to Elliot about this monster and told him that he needed to fight against it, be strong and kill it. I saw it as a battle between good and evil, despite knowing that this was completely absurd. Of course, at 6 months, he could not understand a word I was saying, but it seemed to help me. I could visualise it and it gave my hatred a focus.

As soon as I began to see my writings as a possible book, I knew that I needed to include this ‘monster’ as a living entity. It was important to me that I convey what this thing meant to me and how I imagined it during the time it was living in my son. I then developed this into a set of Acts, thirteen in total, which describes the cancer’s living and thinking journey from being one living cell to developing into a mass the size of a small rugby ball.

These Acts are intertwined within the diary and represent the cancers development, exactly as I imagine it and based upon medical information and my own research about the development of Wilm’s tumour cancers.


Please visit me at

caroline burch

You can by a copy of my book from all good retailers, including-

Empire Publications at

Macmillan Cancer support will be receiving £1.00 per book sold. This is more than I, as the author, will receive. My aim is to make £1,000,000 for Macmillan. Please support this campaign; spread the word, treat yourself and buy as presents for other people…it is an amazing cause…



Below is the very first act as taken from my book. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday 1st October 2002

Act 1 – Inside

I began life when she was only two weeks pregnant. She didn’t even know she was pregnant and I was already living inside her; establishing myself and my home inside her son. It is called ‘double hosting’ in my world. Her son was feeding from her and I was feeding from her son.

I was just one single cell when I was created; caused by a tiny mutation in the DNA structure of one minute cell. I should have died by a process called Apoptosis, where the fault or mutation is recognised and the cell automatically dies or is destroyed quickly, but I did not die. My mutation lived inside her, contained in a sac that was only one centimetre in diameter.

I quickly divided into two cells, called daughter cells. The process of destruction had begun. I was programmed to multiply, develop and grow strong in this tiny protective bubble.

I am here, all cosy and warm, embedded in his left kidney. I am now six cells. I have an ability to rapidly reproduce. My clever, cunning ability will ensure my survival. I am quick and I am silent. I know where to hide in my home. I have buried myself deep into his left kidney. I will grow bigger and stronger as each day passes. I will be able to stay undiscovered for a long time, but I will be here, causing destruction and mayhem where there should be joy and laughter.

This poor boy has no chance. I am programmed for death. I am ready to do battle and I will win…


Many thanks Caroline.

I wish you great success with your amazing work.

Happy reading everyone,

Jenny xx


Christmas in August

Every year since I began to write I’ve dreamt up an annual festive story- which means that for the past ten years I’ve been making it Christmas on paper during the summer months!

This year, as sunshine blasts the country, I’ve been conjuring up frost covered scenes based in the Cotswolds- where Megan Johnson (last seen waitressing in Pickwicks Coffee House in Another Cup of Christmas) is helping her old college friend Izzie Spencer-Harris (well, Isadora actually- but she hates that!) get her brand new business, The Cotswold Art Centre ready in time to host the renown Cotswold Choir’s annual carol concert.

Cotswold in snow

All was going according to plan, until a storm sends a branch crashing through the roof…will everything be ready in time? And how does the carpenter, Josh Parker, fit into the scheme of things…?

Well, I’ll just go and slap on some sun cream, and go and decide which carols my made up choir is going to sing…

I’ll be back with more news about this, the third book in my Another Cup of…series, very soon!

christmas mock-up

Happy Reading,

Jenny xx