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Missing Nancy – A novel about living, loving and family life – Five Star Amazon Review

Missing Nancy - a novel about living, loving and family life
A beautifully written book about a modern family, after divorce through the eyes of each generation. Mum bravely taking her family camping in France was portrayed so wonderfully. Can only strongly recommend this to others. Will definitely read more from this talented author.

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A Handful of Ash – a Cass Lynch Mystery by @MarsaliTaylor – Five Star Amazon Review

A Handful of Ash (The Shetland Sailing Mysteries)
”I’ve read all three of the books in this series now, and they really just go from strength to strength. Ms. Taylor is a remarkably good writer. The stories are compelling, and the characters are both interesting and believable. I really love Cass, and I think it’s a great portrayal of a independent young woman still working out her place in the world. Even some of the clichés of the crime genre that can get a bit old–like the love triangle–are believable and fresh here. I can’t wait for the next one!”

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Swordland by @ruadhbutler – Five Star Amazon Review

Swordland (The Invader Series)
”Superbly researched and thrillingly told, Swordland is a vivid portrait of the ferocious but godly Normans as they rampage through Wales and Ireland. Writing in a lucid, descriptive style that brings to life landscapes, characters and battles, Butler delights in a narrative that blazes with intrigue and spine-chilling bloody action, while still managing to weave themes of religious affiliation, kinship and questions over birthright like golden threads in a medieval tapestry.”

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Wicked Words – a @HoneyDriver Mystery – Five Star Amazon Review

Wicked Words - a Honey Driver Mystery #7 (A Honey Driver Murder Mystery)
“Amusing, confusing and enthralling. Well written tale. This series of books is totally addictive. Recommended read. Looking forward to the next story.”

“A good mystery with some great laughs this should be on your `not to be missed’ pile. Highly recommended.”

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An Unusual Midwife: An Accent Amour Medical Romance – Five Star Amazon Review

An Unusual Midwife: A Heartwarming Medical Romance (99p Medical Romance Specials Book 12)
“Enjoyable story about life as we would like it to be. Very escapist! I read a lot of hospital story’s. The sort of book you can pick up and put down for an od half hour when the opportunity arises without losing the thread.

I enjoy Gillian Sanderson’s writing, they certainly give you the ‘feel good’ factor. Have read many of her books.”

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The Chain Garden by @JJacksonAuthor – Five Star Amazon Review

The Chain Garden
“Set in Cornwall, this novel follows the dynamics of a family struggling to come to terms with their individual pasts. All the characters are well drawn and their problems completely believable, especially Grace, whose story this is. […]
Very well written and a fascinating picture of life in a Cornish village at the turn of the 20th century.”

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Kindred Hearts by @GraceLowrie1 – Five Star Amazon Review

Kindred Hearts: Not your average romance!
“Wow, wow, wow! This a beautifully written, evocative, love story that I simply couldn’t put down. From start to finish Grace had me enraptured with the characters and plot to the point where I did little else but read for three days until I had finished. The descriptions of the characters are so well developed that I could picture them perfectly in my mind, in fact, I almost feel as if I know them personally. Plot twists, romance, spice, and heart wrenching moments – this book had it all – definitely a highly recommended read!”

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Toxic Gossip by @FalconerFiles – Five Star Amazon Review

Toxic Gossip: (Brief Cases) (The Falconer Files - Brief Cases Book 4)
“I enjoyed the book. Convinced me to try other Falconer File books and Andrea Frazer other books. I surprised by ending a ‘comfy’ bedtime read.

If anyone likes Agatha Christie with a modern twist, an on-going story in each book and great touches of humour amongst the murders this is the type of book you will enjoy. I have read all but the Christmas Mourning book which predictably I am saving to read over Christmas… so I hope you enjoy the Falconer stories as much as I have.”

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Loving Susie by Jenny Harper – Five Star Amazon Review

Loving Susie: The Heartlands series
’Loving Susie’ is not a straightforward romance, although love is at its heart. Every member of the Wallace family finds new love, gets entangled in a fateful relationship or struggles to maintain an established one. It’s a story about a family, and about what happens when secrets surface and trust is undermined. And, as in ‘Face the Wind and Fly’, the heroine is under pressure from other directions too – this time because she’s an outspoken politician and because her family problems make her take her eye off the ball.

There are big issues woven throughout, and Jenny Harper is great at engaging you with her characters and their problems. And her writing, again, is a delight.”

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Fly or Fall – Five Star Amazon Review

Fly or Fall

“Ms Allan writes about seemingly ordinary people in ordinary settings, but, of course, neither is ordinary. The characters are richly drawn in all their complexities, yet grittily realistic and engaging. The settings are carefully painted with the reverence of an artist who has a deep affinity with the countryside.

The story is compellingly told with a well-sustained narrative flow. I found it deeply engrossing and sat up late into the night more than once, unable to put it down. It gathers momentum, like a snowball rolling downhill, hurtling towards its dramatic conclusion. I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.”

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