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Marion Husband’s ‘The Boy I Love’ Trilogy gets fantastic reviews.

Marion Husband’s The Boy I Love Trilogy, called the “pinnacle of gay historical fiction” by Goodreads reviewer Erastes has recently had some great reviews from the Historical Novel Society.

Book one, The Boy I Love was reviewed by Ann Northfield who said the book “is character- and idea-driven rather than being action-packed, and the characters are particularly vivid and real. Although perhaps not the most loveable or nicest of people, they certainly remain in the mind after the book is closed as being fully fleshed and human.

Book two, All the Beauty of the Sun was reviewed by Barbara Goldie. Barbara said “The story is well researched and has lots of detail and emotion. It moves on at a cracking pace and keeps the reader’s interest so much that it could easily be read in one or two sessions.”

Book three Paper Moon was reviewed by Sally Zigmond who said “the writing is intelligent, and the emotions heartfelt”.

If you haven’t read the series yet you can buy them at the links below, and follow Marion on Twitter at: @MarionHusband.

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Murder in the Dark

New 5 star Review: Murder in the Dark by @LesleyCookman

Another throughly enjoyable novel in the Libby Sejeant murder mystery service. Lesley Cookman has the abillity to really bring the strange collection of regular characters to life so reading this is like meeting up with an old friend. The problem with this is, of course, that at the end of the novel, you do tend to miss Libby and her friends and look keenly towards the next one! – Joanna

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The Sober Revolution

The Sober Revolution – Woman Calling Time on Wine O’Clock

I read this book from cover to cover in one night. We are given an insight into the depths of despair that can result from alcohol dependency but it also offers a way forward that is full of optimism and hope. Beautifully written and peppered with personal real life accounts I would recommend this as a must for anyone who is concerned about the effect that alcohol may be having on their lives.

– Pammy Pitstop
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Just One Damned Thing After Another

Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

This book is a great read, and for me it became a real page turner. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started it but after following the protagonist and her colleagues through training and early jumps, I found I was really enjoying the read. Taylor is clearly a talented writer and was able to keep me interested all the way through, which is why I’ve given a 5* rating. The concept of historians using time travel to investigate the past in real time was definitely a new idea. It was something I could relate to as I hold an MA in history and would love to go back to many events of the past to see what it looked like. I was definitely jealous of Taylor’s choice of location for the ‘Big One’. It was beautifully developed and described, and I felt like I was there. This theme followed through in the subsequent plot twists. There are some good characters but all the major development is focused on Maxwell. I would recommend this as a good adventurous read that is a bit different and has great pace. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not into history because the jokes are still funny and the story still exciting. Unfortunately I had a couple of gripes, not enough to lose a star but they did irk me. Firstly, the title of the book is awful, I thought it was going to be about ‘The Damned’, i.e. the undead, it’s definitely not about that and that was very confusing.Secondly, Taylor says that Maxwell is a historian, but speaking from experience, that team sound MUCH more like archaeologists, so by the end of the book I was thinking about them as archaeologists and it worked much better for me. Trust me, there is a difference…Lastly, I felt Maxwell as a character just needed a little more smoothing out, she’s been through some serious trauma but still comes out with some major sarcasm and confidence. Perhaps in the next book the cracks will start to show. I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what happens next at St Mary’s, I’ve got an idea of what is shaping up for their future but I’m sure Taylor’s story will be exciting and fun and I can’t wait to find out.


5 star review for Murder in the Monastery by @LesleyCookman on #Nook

Have you discovered the Libby Sarjeant murder mystery series yet? Here’s a review for Murder in the Monastery from the Barnes and Noble site.

5 Stars – Great “who done it”!  Keeps you guessing to the end.  Can’t wait for the next Libby and Fran adventure.

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Good News Tuesday

Good news! It’s Tuesday.

Ok, so maybe that’s not great news for everyone, but here at Accent Press we love Tuesdays as they’re the days when we seem to get our best reviews in.


9781908917751_FC Timya Owen’s review of Murder in the Monastery, the 11th book in Lesley Cookman’s cosy crime series. The books follow former actress Libby Sarjeant and her psychic friend Fran as they try to discover whodunit. Timya said,

“British mystery filled with a rich cast of quirky characters and a generous sprinkling of local colloquialisms… Lesley Cookman has deftly woven two mysteries into one complex tapestry as she traces the long, tangled history of the Tredega Relic and the generations who have attempted to gain control over it.”

You can read the rest of Timya’s review at Cozy Mystery Book Review by clicking here.



KINGDOM SMALLJohn Cleal at Reviewing the Evidence loved James Green’s Another Small Kingdom, the first in a series of 5 books. “This is a complex and fascinating plot that sticks fairly closely to fact and perhaps presages things to come, as the organisation that is eventually to become the CIA is not without its internal problems and even in its infancy exhibits a disturbing tendency towards ‘collateral damage’ as bodies pile up. Green triumphs with his ability to blend facts with his story to make riveting reading.”

You can read the rest of John’s review here. Book 2 in the series, A Union Not Blessed will be published May 16th. You can pre-order a copy here.



Andy Bates – Modern twists on classic dishes

I’d originally seen the Andy Bates Street Food cookery programme and was delighted to find his cook book. Full of delicious, easy recipies it’s definitely a great addition in the kitchen – it’s the next best thing to actually having Andy Bates himself!

– Special K
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The Chain Garden

This is a really detailed book full of hidden secrets and drama.

Grace’s story is told in a beautiful chain of events that mirror the chain in her mothers flower garden. Grace’s mothers death leads to an intricate unveiling of deception and guilt that reveals the weakness’s and strengths of her family’s bonds.

There are secrets and lies and a beautiful connection between all of the characters. The unveiling of both Edwin’s and Bryce’s personal anguish is particularly detailed and well written.

This is a wonderfully gentle, well written book.

– Jackie Williams
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